Wild Cow Milking

Registration:  Wednesday – Saturday 10am -8pm at the Fair Office, North End of Fair Grounds.
Must be registered and checked in by 7pm evening of event, Friday or Saturday of rodeo at the Fair Office.
Check in Must provide full team hold harmless forms and $100 per team payment at time of team registration.
Limited to 5 teams of 3 with one alternate

Hold Harmless Form

1.  Rodeo Judges will be the Judges for this contest.
2.   This event is limited to 3 minutes.
3.  Contestants must enter a stream of milk , drips do not count.
4.  Milk must be brought to the judges in the container to the West pole by the arena fence.
5.  All 3 team members must present the milk in the container along with the halter to the judges.
6.  Each team must provide their own container.
7.  Judges reserve the right to disqualify any team.
8.  Abuse of the cows is not allowed.
9.  Winner take all.